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How are the people doing?

Even in these summer, hot days, in the midst of the rest – we are not idle and are actively developing Blueprint Word. And today we are happy to present you the “Summer Update” version This update is global and has many changes and improvements.

The main innovation is the change in the graphic component, which has changed for the better and has become more pleasant to the eye, as well as sound accompaniment, which has given the game a new, unique atmosphere.


  • A lot of work was done to replace most graphic elements.
  • Improved animation of buttons, interactive objects and other elements.
  • Music! Now there are 4 new songs that will accompany you to the end of the game.
  • New interface sounds.
  • Removed all other logos when the game starts. Now at startup, you get straight to the main menu.
  • Progress – In the save slot, in addition to the percentage of passing time, there was a time spent in a specific save (actual only for game versions and older)
  • Preferences – now in the game settings there is a section of preferences, where you can set the color of the blink, as well as the colors of the game elements.

Fixes of the previous version:

  • Animation of selection of menu items.
  • Correcting SFX playback

If you have any problems, you can always roll back to previous versions of the game. Have a nice game!